Volume 12, Issue 12

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This is the month we begin planning for our new Anglers’ Club season.  Shortly, we’ll set up our calendar.  We are currently planning all of our events including our special dinners and dinner meetings, fishing activities, lunching, and so on. The board met in late September and we are looking forward to your input at our October dinner meeting.  If you are unable to attend, we still want your suggestions for the upcoming season.  So e-mail or call any board member.


This is not an idle request.  All we ask is that you take a few minutes to think about our Club.  Try to imagine any ways you might think of to help us throughout the year.  Perhaps a new event or activity would be nice?  Maybe you have a dining suggestion?  Is there somewhere we might go for a field trip?  How about another fishing venue?  It’s not hard, but it does take a few minutes of your time and imagination.  So “push the envelope” and see what you come up with.  Any idea is welcomed – no matter how small it may seem.  Our Steering Committee would certainly appreciate your response. 


Our Keys boat is almost ready to be taken to the Keys in November and docked there for Club use until next May.  I will send out a separate e-mail to determine how much interest we will have from our Club Member anglers to go fishing in the Keys.


You will be receiving your dues statement this month.  Your dues must be paid by November 1, 2012 in order to (among other things) be able to attend our free November Awards and Kick-Off Dinner.  If you would really like to help make it easier on our Membership Committee volunteers, your neighbors of course, PLEASE send your dues in on time to help prevent a bookkeeping nightmare.



Captain Hal

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