Letís catch

some fish..

In our ponds,

the rivers,

or the ocean.



Try itÖ

Youíll like it!!

Volume 12, Issue 12

Page 2

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Ocean Fishing
Date TBA
Conditions Dependent
Call Hal Fowler
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Oct 8 - Dinner Meeting
Roundtable Discussion
SLRC Clubhouse - 5 PM
Call: Diane Foran -  
Nov 12Ė Fall Membership Party
Cash Bar 5 PM
Dinner 6 PM
Location: SLRC Clubhouse
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Then please read and respond accordingly.


Producing a monthly Newsletter of the size and quality of our Anglersí Tales involves a lot of work and dedication.† For a few of us, this monthly task has been† on-going for more than 12.5 years; THATíS 150 ISSUES!† And for some time now, some of us, especially those intimately involved with producing the Newsletter, have wondered how many of our members actually read the Newsletter.† We wonder how important it is to our members.† Do we even need one?† Does it need to be done to the standards it has achieved?† Do we need to keep publishing it in the same involved format we currently use every month?


So in the Captainís Log in the September Newsletter last month, I asked those reading it to respond with a sentence or two about what they thought about the Newsletter in general. In so many words we wanted to find out if our members like it (read it and look forward to it), or are Neutral (take it or leave it), or perhaps even Dislike it (donít really pay any attention to it).† No request for volunteers was made to do any work, nor for ideas on how to make it better and so on.† We just really wanted to know whether or not all the work that goes into the publication of the document is worth the time and effort.


We have 100 member families.† We all have email addresses now and receive each Newsletter no matter where we are.† So we thought maybe 50% would respond, but for sure at least 25%.† Imagine our surprise to get back 3 responses.† Letís say all were positive.† However, even though we donít mention names, weíll say that one respondent is the Captain of a very local fishing club, and another is a Treasurer of the same Club.† Coincidence?† The third is an avid fisherman whose name is similar to Sand Storm.†


Therefore, the question is obvious.† Is it worth the many hours it takes to produce the newsletter in its current format so that only 3% of our members can enjoy it?† Or should the format be changed to a page or two of black &

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