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Pond fishing has been spotty, but has picked up for me the last few nights.  I caught 12 Bass in one pond 2 days ago and 1 Snook in another pond. Largest Bass that day was about 3.5# and the others all about 1.5#. The Snook was not too big, 22”, but what a nice evening of fishing. 


Next day, same spot, 1st cast, I caught this nice…very nice 24 ľ” big fat Bass!.  He hit all the way from the opposite bank and I had a fun time fighting him back to shore.  I “horsed” it in with the leader and hoped that the line would not break… I wanted a picture of this one!


There are loads of smaller fish on the shorelines, possibly Tilapia. They bite at your lures and often take a hunk out of plastic bait but normally will not get hooked.   I’ve tried smaller baits but not much luck so far.  What the heck…it’s all fun!


Bring mosquito repellant… they are thicker than the fish and they bite harder!


Ron Klowden


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