Volume 13, Issue 12

October 1, 2012

Anglerís Tales

Golf & Yacht Club

Port St. Lucie, Florida


Ballantrae Anglerís Club

Text Box:  Dinner Meeting October 8th.
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Ocean Fishing
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Call Hal Fowler
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Oct 8 - Dinner Meeting
Roundtable Discussion
SLRC Clubhouse - 5 PM
Call: Diane Foran -  
Nov 12Ė Fall Membership Party
Cash Bar 5 PM
Dinner 6 PM
Location: Clubhouse

Our annual Fall Dinner Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 8th.  It will be held at the Santa Lucia River Clubhouse.  Featured will be a lite dinner catered by the Clubhouse and staff.  This is a MEMBERS ONLY activity, limited to spouses or significant others Ė maximum 2 per member family.  Why?  Because dinner is FREE!  Wait a minute; letís check that to make sure.  YUP!  Itís paid for by the Anglersí Club, so no charge is correctamundo!  Can you believe it?  Maybe there is no free lunch, but there does appear to be a free dinner in your future!


An open bar (sorry, you do have to buy your own drinks) will start at 5:00 pm followed by dinner around 5:30 pm.  Dinner will consist of hot dogs, burgers, condiments, and chips, plus coffee and cookies/brownies for dessert.


Following dinner will be a brief meeting and our 50/50 drawing as usual. Starting at about 6:30 pm, all members are invited to share their thoughts and ideas with Anglersí Club committees and board members.  The plan is that we will have a ďround tableĒ discussion. You are invited to share your ideas or to find out more information for yourself.  If you like, you are encouraged to volunteer to help on any committee that might interest you.  Some of the committees represented will include the: Tournaments and Trips, Dinner/Food, Anglerís Tales, Special Events, and the Dues Table **


** Please note that we will have a Dues table where you can easily pay your 2012-2013 dues ($50 per household) in a timely manner prior to the Nov.1 due date Ė no muss no fuss!




Please call Diane Foran, ASAP, but definitely no later than the deadline of

Wed., Oct. 4th.  In fact, call now before you forget and are left out.


Diane Foran 323-0261


If you sign up and find out you canít attend, please call Diane and tell her so we will not be charged.


If you fail to cancel by Oct, 4th, you will be charged a no-show fee of $10.




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