Volume 13, Issue 11

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Some of us Board members occasionally wonder how many Anglers’ Club members actually read this newsletter.  So often, requests are made for help and/or new Board members needed to get involved, yet we get no responses.  In addition, requests for input and ideas seem to go unnoticed.  Lots of ways of taking part in a variety of fishing outings and experiences are often offered, yet few respond.


Too often a response questioning the value of our Newsletter seems to be “Oh well, no one reads it anyway.”


You get the idea. 


However, our numerous dinners are generally well attended.  Is that from people reading this newsletter?  Or might it just be word of mouth?  Then again we have many members who would rather eat fish than catch them!  But that is the fun and basis of our Club…to provide a fishing, as well as a social, venue.


The Newsletter takes a lot of work.  It could be done more simply.  We could announce in less than a few sentences that:

· We had a dinner which was attended by XXX people last month who all had a great time.  No pictures needed.

· We have an upcoming dinner…When, Where, Date, Time, Call to sign up.

· Our tournament leader is___________.

· Someone caught a fish in the pond that was really big.  No picture needed.

· We have an upcoming trip.  When, where, who to call.

· Our local guide report says that fishing is good this month.  Period.

· ETC.


We could probably fit it all on one page were we to go back to simply mailing it out.  Do we want to do that?  No!  Ugh!


If you have read this far, then this message is for you.  We need some feedback from you about this Newsletter if we are to try and maintain the same quality you have come to (assuming so) enjoy.  Otherwise it takes far too much effort and time for the benefit of just a very few people. Here’s what we need.


We need a couple of sentences from you, right now as you read this so you don’t forget.  Maybe tell us why this Newsletter is valuable to you.  Maybe tell us your favorite section(s), the ones you look forward to.  Tell us the ones you could do without.  Anything you want.  We’re not asking for your suggestions or ideas.  All we want to know is what this Newsletter means to you….REALLY!  Remember, a non-response tells us just as much as a real evaluation.


Send your responses to me at dabear2@comcast.net . I will try to glean some themes that seem to run through many of the responses, if any, and report on them in next month’s Newsletter.  Until then…


Good Fishin’

Former Capt. Donn

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