Let’s catch

some fish..

In our ponds,

the rivers,

or the ocean.



Try it…

You’ll like it!!

Volume 13, Issue 11

Page 2

Text Box: Next Event

Date TBA
Conditions Dependent
Call Hal Fowler
Text Box: Next Meeting

Dinner Meeting
Oct. 8th
Time: 5 PM Cocktails
Location: SLRC
Call: Diane Foran

Text Box: Granddaughter Fishing

Two years ago, I took my Granddaughter, Stephanie to one of our ponds for her 1st fishing adventure. She immediately hooked a nice, new putter… but no fish! We all got a great laugh from this “catch”. This year, We tried again and in ½ hour of fishing, Stephanie managed 2 decent Bass and out-fished Grandpa Ron and Brother Max.  Where else can you get a smile like this … take someone fishing…it’s a great experience!


Ron Klowden


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Text Box: Nostalgia Corner

This is our 151st issue of the Angler’s Tales. The article below is an article from our very first issue which was published on March 1st, 2000. It should be pointed out that no one won the free membership.