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7:30 am†† no bites.† For one last attempt, Paul suggests we cast out at Point #1 again.† First cast and there goes my bait again.† Iím sure it is another Snook and begin to wonder if I might get spooled again.† Eventually this one stops although I know itís a good fish.† I reel it in and finally catch a 34 inch Snook that weights 18-20 lbs.† (See pictures on Page 10).† We continue to fish our way back to the beach with no more bites.


7:45 am†† we reach the beach only to see huge pods of minnows as far as the eye can see north towards Bathtub Beach.† We put on spoons and cast at tarpon (rolling and/or feeding) all the way back.† No takers this time, but what a sight watching those minnows get blasted or a 100 lb. tarpon roll in the surf maybe 20 feet away.


8:15†† Weíre back at the beach, where we started.† Add in 4-5 catfish, a 1.5 lb. Snapper, and a 3 lb. Bluefish to the total catch to complete our day ...an absolutely fantastic 3 hours of actual fishing.


Donn Bearman


Check out the following video link. It shows Donn Bearman and Paul Daly at the St. Lucie inlet after surf fishing for Snook, in a 4 minute interview by Ed Killer of TCPalm.com., published on August 16th.




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