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Eight members of the Ballantrae anglers club; Hal Fowler, John Pulley, Barry Doying, Bruce Harris, Roger Sandstrom, Bill Scalia, Scott LePenske, and Rogers nephew Tim headed to the Bahamas on August 6th for some good fishing, good conversation and relaxation. The trip began with all of us leaving the Ballantrae dock at 7am Monday, the 6th. The weather was questionable at best, however after a lengthy discussion, we decided to go anyway. We hit the inlet and were greeted with 10 to 15 foot seas. Captain Fowler and Captain Pulley navigated the boats through these difficult conditions and we arrived in the Bahamas at about 3pm.


We decided that since we fought terrible conditions all the way over we might just as well fish for a few hours. Lines went into the water and a Black Fin Tuna was the first fish caught. We caught 6 Barracuda’s and chopped 2 up for bait. It was then off to clear customs at Walkers and then check in at Rosie’s in Grand Cay.   Once the boats were secured we had a wonderful dinner at Rosie’s.


Day 2 consisted of a great breakfast prepared by Hal then out for some bottom fishing. We caught yellow tail, grouper, grunts and of course a few sharks and a couple more barracuda’s. Dinner was once again prepared by Rosie’s, where the menu consists of three items, lobster, fish or chicken, small menu but very good food.


Day 3 was once again started with “Breakfast by Hal” a complete gourmet feast that left everyone full and ready to go Lobster diving. Upon finding a couple of lobster condo’s Captain Pulley and Scott dove into the deeps and speared these tender morsels. We returned to Rosie’s where Roger  prepared fresh Tuna sushi and Chef Hal prepared our lobster catch. Needless to say it was excellent!!!


Of course, if our trip didn’t already have enough excitement with the weather on the way over, day 4 started with Bill Scalia falling through an open boat hatch and requiring 5 stitches. At least Grand Cay had a clinic which Bill said was very clean, how surprising! Best yet the Doc sewed him up and told him there was no charge for the procedure, why can’t the USA have that kind of clinic. I guess we do, I think its called welfare. Once we got Bill put back together we headed out for some deep drop fishing were we caught yellow eye snapper and amberjack.


We returned to the Ballantrae docks about 8:30pm safe and sound. A

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