Volume 13, Issue 10

Page 4

Already, here we are in August.  And eight of our anglers are preparing to leave for the Bahamas on Aug. 6th for four days of fishing.  We have two boats going, one being an addition to our fleet…..a forty six foot Hatteras on her maiden trip. This is also the boat that will be docked in the Keys this winter which allows us to drive down, move onto the boat, and go fishing.  That will sure beat trying to fight the winter waves here.


On another note, we have changed our September input and planning dinner to October 8. The reason is that there will be more of us here to participate. This is important as this is not only a dinner, but it is in a meeting format for planning next year’s events.  In this setting, all of our members will have an opportunity to suggest things they would like to do, as well as suggest changes they would like to see made.


I have asked Donn to do the Captains Log for September as Sue and I will be with our family in the northern states.  Also, I have been invited to the Co-Ho golfing event in Travers Bay, MI. for the 43rd time!


Hope you have a good month and I hope to see you this winter in the Keys.


Good Fishin’,                                                                                               


Captain Hal


Text Box: Captain’s Log

Capt. Hal’s new 46 ft, Hattereras which will be moored in the Keys to serve as the Angler’s Club’s winter fish camp.