Let’s catch

some fish..

In our ponds,

the rivers,

or the ocean.



Try it…

You’ll like it!!

Volume 13, Issue 10

Page 2

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Dinner Meeting
Oct. 8th
Time: 5 PM Cocktails
Location: SLRC
Call: Diane Foran

Text Box: Pond Fishing Update

The pond fishing has been pretty sluggish. I see all sorts of fish jumping and surfacing but not biting!  I did manage to catch a nice 22+” Bass (6#) yesterday.  Other than that decent fish, everything else is very small or none at all!


One of our ponds has a very big and very noisy Tarpon swimming around the shoreline. I have been scared several times when this very large fish jumped out of the water right in front of me. Of course I tried to cast my Bass lure at it but if I was lucky enough to hook it, it probably would take all my line and break off.  Oh, well…. I can dream!


I also caught a large Mayan Cichlid (Atomic Sunfish) in one of  our ponds. This is a tropical fish.  They are often aquarium fish and when they get too big, people let them go in Florida waters. They seem to do well and I don’t know where they find mates but they are aggressive and take over ponds and kill natural fish (Largemouth, etc.)  Most are undesirable and should be removed when caught, according to the Fish & Wildlife dept.  South Florida is full of tropical aquarium fish which are nice little 3” long fish that get to 2-4# when they are dumped from an aquarium.  Between the Chinese Snakeheads, Mayan Cichlids, Tilapia and other misc. fish I have caught in the ponds, it’s no wonder the Bass fishing is so sluggish. The little Bass have probably become dinner.


Fishing Tips and Facts:  Mayan Cichlid, referred to as "atomic sunfish;" take natural baits including worms, grass shrimp, crickets, and most small artificial lures. Jigs, fished on light tackle, or wooly worms and popping bugs used by fly fishers are taken aggressively. They’re a good eating fish (I WOULD NOT EAT ANYTHING FROM OUR PONDS). Take as many as you like, but do not live release them.

Ron Klowden