Volume 13, Issue 8

Page 4

Here we are, already in July, and hard at work planning the next season for our Anglersí Club.† One new addition to the Club is a boat that we will have stationed in the Keyís year around.† This will provide members the opportunity to fish during the winter when Treasure Coast weather does not allow.† We are also working to change our yearly tournament into an event format.† As usual, we welcome any input from members as to how to improve our club.† Just come to any scheduled meeting or contact any board or committee member.


Some of our club members will be fishing in the Martin County reef tournament on July 7th.† We wish them luck because whatever they win goes back into the club.† In past history, we missed the money by as little as Ĺ an inch in one event and ľ lb in another! This event, as you may remember, is part of the Ballantrae Reef we built a few years back.† Martin County features our reef on their web site with a huge grouper looking through it.


On a sad note, we have lost another dedicated club member, Dave Uhle, last month and we have several members fighting health problems.† Our sincere condolences to Daveís family and our prayers for the rest to beat the fight they are in.† Sue and I often talk about the life we live and how short it can be, and with that being said we decided to live it the way we want every day.


Good fishing and great dining.


Captain Hal

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