Text Box: Local Bait Shops

Billy Bones  Bait & Tackle 
10640 S. Federal Hwy 
Port St Lucie                      335-3715

Snook Nook Discount Bait & Tackle
3595 NE Indian River Dr 
Jensen Beach                   334-2145

Gordo’s Bait & Tackle
494 SE Monterey Rd
Stuart                         220-0450

Finest Kind
3585 SE Saint Lucie Blvd.
Stuart                               286-1500

Volume 13, Issue 8

Page 7



Text Box: Mark’s Tips

Time For a Change


Habit sings a siren's song that hides a deadly trap. We tend to be creatures of habit, fishing the same areas, using the same lures, and following identical patterns every time we're on the water. That approach may work on many days, but it also has built-in limitations. Conditions change constantly and fish modify their behavior to adapt. If the fish aren't biting, look for new spots and try to analyze he conditions. Experiment with different tactics. Keep changing your setup and approach until something positive happens. Learn to search the entire water column when possible. Work an area with a game plan rather than at random. Even on the good days, it pays to spend a little time experimenting and searching for new spots. As you add to your knowledge, you will be better equipped to produce fish on those days when most folks return to the dock with only a suntan.


Reprinted for your convenience from  Mark Sosin’s Saltwater Journal at: http://www.marksosin.com/index.html