Volume 12, Issue 8

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Already, itís June!† Your committees and board have a break until our first committee meeting next September when weíll plan our new calendar year 2012-2013.


I have been working along with some other committee members.† Hopefully we have come up with a few ideas to help our fishing efforts.† As always, we are looking for input from our membership.


Some of the thoughts are as follows:

 Buy or rent a travel trailer for a fishing camp instead of depending on motels.†† That would bring the cost for anglers far below what we pay now.

 Also, I am getting rid of my Ranger and thinking of getting a large boat to leave in the Keys just for Anglersí Club use.

 We are also talking about stopping our yearly fishing tournament in favor of monthly events. For example, our Pompano event would go for the entire month of February (instead of holding only one special outing).† Possibly we would have a snapper event for the month of June, and so on.† This format would eliminate the weather factor which has been a constant problem for us..


Whatís going on right now?† FISHING!!!† And you can see by out tournament report, it is going well.† (See tournament listing elsewhere in this Newsletter)


I will not be here for our June dinner which will be partially subsidized by the Anglersí Club.†† Sue and I will again be in the Keys celebrating our anniversary (our 45th) as we do every year.†


Let me take a moment here to ask for your help and understanding.† I have worked very hard to establish a working relationship with the Santa Lucia River Club to benefit our Anglersí Club.† I would like to ask all of you to support the Waite staff when they help us with our dinners Ė both full serve and carry-in.† And please, by all means, do not bring your own drinks into the club (believe it or not we have had members do that and it is an embarrassment to me!) as that is the only income the club makes for the use of the room on carry in dinners and even functions like our June dinner.† The Club has done a lot for us and we want to treat them fairly.


Have a great June and good fishing.


Captain Hal

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