Let’s catch

some fish..

In our ponds,

the rivers,

or the ocean.



Try it…

You’ll like it!!

Volume 12, Issue 8

Page 2

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June 11th
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Text Box: Going Fishing With Poppop

Hi Angler’s Club Members……..

I took my 8 year old grandson pond fishing in April. It was his first experience casting and fishing with an artificial lure. When he got back to school he was assigned to write a poem. He chose fishing for his topic and it became a 7 page hand written effort. I have attached a copy hereto which I typed up as it was written.


Mathew still has some editing to do, but I kind of liked his first draft, and wanted it to share it with you all.


Art Warden



Going Fishing With Poppop

Casting,  wating, relling, wating, 

for a fish to have a terific bite

and nothing hapend.

So we went to the secrit, secrit

fishing spot and

wating, wating, wating.

I got a bite! Relling the string

pulling, pulling,

the fish jumped out of the water

it hit the boards relly fast

my poppop came over and got the sharp hook

out of the fishes mouth and I threw the fish

back in the water and then about 15 minutes later

I got another bite, the fish got stuck in the green gooey

sewed. I Got the fish out of the green gooey sewed and

my poppop came over again and got the sharp hook

out of the fishes mouth.

I threw the fish back in the water.

Then I casted my rod, splash and wating, wating

and then rite there at that very spot I found a fish

rite next to the bords. I tride to rell in the rod softly,

but it swam away – swish.

I was so close of getting that fish, but then I had a


I casted the rod into the water wating, I started relling

in slowly like the bate was a rell frog.

You got my plan?

Then still nothing hapend and then my poppop tells

me the secrit, he says to me that don’t be to exited

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