Volume 12, Issue 7

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And so ends another successful winter season for the Angler’s Club.  The highlights of the year so far have been well documented in previous Newsletters by our dedicated staff (see the last page of this Newsletter).  As guest writer of the Log this month, I hope I may be permitted the luxury of a few remembrances and observations, all in the name of making our Club even better.


Our monthly Anglers’ Club Newsletter publication (every single month without a miss for over 10 years now) has been a largely thankless job.  But without singling out anyone in particular, our collective thanks and appreciation should go to George for making sure this has taken place with the regularity that it has.  George made it happen originally and has continued to make it happen.


Think of it!  A multi page, multi colored document filled with pictures and even moving icons each and every month.  Each issue includes features of the month as well as consistent, up to the minute reporting on our ongoing tournament.  Outside articles from local guides keep us informed.  Notifications and signups for all of our activities and events are always included.  Thousands upon thousands of words edited, and placed in order 12 times a year.  And it all magically appears in our inbox for our sometimes quick, other times edifying, perusal. 


I can assure you, because we have looked for others and have been told as well, that there are no even remotely equal Newsletters being produced by any other fishing clubs ANYWHERE.  At least we can’t find them.  We started out with a page or two of black and white and evolved into our current shape over time.  AMAZING!  Well done, George, Terry, and company.


And no one who has been in the Club for more than a few years can help but notice and wonder at the growth in membership.  Who cares what the reasons for our Club’s expansion have been…whether it be only for some great meals and socialization or for some wonderful fishing experiences, OR BOTH!   The fact is that we started with about 5-10 people holding a meeting many moons ago to decide how best to initiate a “fishing club”.  After many hours of discussion, it was determined that “Anglers’ Club” best represented our community as the Ballantrae Fishing Club just didn’t sound right.  That seems to have proven out well. 


Our first year, if memory serves, included all of about 15-20 members.  It wasn’t even thought of as a Family membership in that only those members who actually were interested in fishing (no one cared about eating back then) were involved.  It was when the few members around decided to get together for a dinner of sorts, and had to ask their spouses for help, that the social dining aspect of the Anglers’ Club was born. 


As the fishing events and activities, as well as the dinners and social activities, were refined and improved over the years under the direction of our various Captains and their Boards, the membership grew to its current total of around 100 families each year.  IMPRESSIVE!


It is often said that in any organization, 20% of the members do 80% of the work!  Unfortunately this is probably true for our Anglers’ Club as well.  It would be nice if our 20%’ers had some help.  Hal has tried his best to enlist more help from the membership, without too much success.  The reason it is a worry is that some of our 20%’ers are being overworked and soon will suffer burnout.  At that point

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