Volume 12, Issue 7

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they will be unable or unwilling to continue.  What then?  Say what you will, think what you might, which is likely “Oh, someone will show up from somewhere to do the job.”  Although that could happen, I for one would not bet on it. 


Every member needs to examine their own conscience when it comes to volunteering to do, or not to do, their part for an organization that relies on the voluntary efforts of others for the good of the whole.  If you have enjoyed your membership in the Anglers’ Club but have not done your fair share, then it is time to commit yourself and your abilities to help out.  If you are new, then there is no better manner to learn your way around the community and meet a lot of other neighbors.  There are jobs that take very little time or effort as well as those that take a lot.  Pick what is best for you.  And here’s a novel thought – maybe there would even be some sense of gratification in doing a good job and being useful and of importance to others’ well being.  As I said, it was just a thought. 


Well, my time is up and I couldn’t resist at least a partial sermon, albeit likely preaching to the choir.  I get to write the Log every so often and have enjoyed doing so yet again.  Until next time then…..


Good Fishin’



Guest Log Written by Donn Bearman



Text Box: Captain’s Log (cont.)

Donn Bearman sporting a nice Snook from back in August 2003, when they seemed to be more plentiful.