Volume 13, Issue 6

Page 4

Our last big social gathering of the 2011-2012 Season is about to take place.† Our Annual April Dinner and Auction will be held on April 9.† After that, our summer fishing begins in earnest.


That brings me to this monthís subject: Fishing.† Although we have several committees that work on fishing activities all year long, it seems that what we are trying is not working very well.† In the past few years, we have lost ten to fifteen anglers that were fishing with us pretty regularly.† And I am not talking about those that have passed and gone on to better fishing grounds!† Working on fishing activities, our committees addressed the timing, money, rough seas, events, and a host of other things, only to come up with little to no results.† Although we do have some new anglers fishing, the old ones that are not, still out number them.


We just had to cancel one of our most popular trips to the Keyís due to lack of anglers. That affects our lodging and charter prices for the future.


I really do need to hear from you as to how we can to improve our member participation in our fishing activities and make better use of our boats.† This is no idle request.† I need you all to take my question to heart and try to come up with your best answer.† We are after all a fishing club Ė so most of our members should enjoy taking part in our various events.† We need to figure out why we arenít getting more of a response.


My e-mail is fctogether@aol.com†††


Thanks for your help,

Captain Hal

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