Volume 13, Issue 6

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Text Box: Pond Fishing Update

Below left is a photo of my guest’s 24”, 10# Bass.  I took my buddy Burt to one of our ponds and chastised him for not getting up early enough. “You can’t catch anything at Noon”, I said.  Also, you can’t use those silly lures that you got that were advertised on TV.  Besides, I further stated, “it’s a full moon tonight and the conditions are just not right”. And also, “I haven’t pulled a sizable Bass out of the ponds all year” said Ron, the expert!


On Burt’s 1st cast, he pulled in this Lunker Bass. He looked at me and smiled….”We can leave now if you wish” he said.


Well, so much for being an “expert”…… you can never tell what is going to hit your lure.  I have since caught several smaller Bass and one about 7+# yesterday so, I guess they are still alive and well in the Ballantrae ponds.


What a nice place for a fisherman…..


Ron Klowden










Update 2: To follow my story about my friend’s nice 24” Bass and the 7#’r I caught the next day, here is today’s catch. It’s a whopping 25” Largemouth. This one is my personal record and a fish to be proud of.


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