Let’s catch

some fish..

In our ponds,

the rivers,

or the ocean.



Try it…

You’ll like it!!

Volume 13, Issue 4

Page 2

Text Box: Next Event

River Poker Run
Date  March 5th
Call Dennis Carrino
Text Box: Next Meeting

March 12th
LIte Dinner
Location: Clubhouse
Speaker: Henry 
	Snook Nook
Call Diane Foran
Text Box: Shrimpers Lunch Cruise

At 8:30 AM on 26 January, it was a beautiful morning with signs of a great day ahead. But about 9 AM, a cold front came through Ballantrae with heavy rain wetting many a morning golfer. As luck would have it, around 10 AM, the skies ceased the rainfall and the annual Anglers Club luncheon at Shrimper’s began. Once again, John Ghee did a superb job organizing the luncheon. 101 club members, some arriving on 5 boats and others arriving in untold numbers of cars, showed up at Shrimper’s Restaurant on Manatee Pocket.


Shrimper’s did a terrific job serving us all quickly with an excellent lunch – crunchy fish, chicken salad, caesar salad or philly steak. John provided diamond-studded tiaras for the ladies and a few choice (?) men.  The entertainment came when John Ghee presented Dr. Seuss “cat-in-the-hat” caps to each of the boat captains. Of course, Capt. Hal Fowler earned a special hat or, I should say, crown, for his leadership.


After lunch, a leisurely (except for those in “open-throttle” Hal’s boat) ride back to Ballantrae for some; a dangerous trip on the roads for others.  It was a great time for all --- Thanks, John and those of you who assisted.   


Peter Worch