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Hope all of you had a great December given all that was going on.  When the weather let us, we were able to get out a few times last month with some success.  And now, here we go into Sailfish season that begins with the New Year!


I must say, the December highlight for me was going to the Key’s to make arrangements for our trip in February.  While there, I stopped at Bud & Mary’s to learn more about day-time swordfish fishing.  I already knew that the guy who started it all was the owner of Bud & Mary’s.  His name is Richard Stanczyk and he holds many fishing world records. I was lucky enough to meet him.  I expected that he might just shake my hand, say it was good to meet me, and then walk off.  However, to my surprise, he asked an employee to take over the store for a while.  He then spent over an hour taking me through the back buildings and showing me different riggings.  He even gave me one of the special anchors, as well as printed instructions.  What a great guy to talk to!


I haven’t gotten out and caught a swordfish yet, but thanks to Richard I will have a better chance.  When you go to the Key’s, stop at Bud & Mary’s and say hello for me.



Good fishin’,


Captain Hal




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