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Hal- Raiser fished December first with John Pulley, Roger Sandstrom, John Griffin and myself. For the tournament Roger got a 32" Dolphin and John got 16" Tuna. I had a large sail on but couldn't get it to the leader We also had a lot of Sharks.


I know Johns Tuna lost it tail to a Shark but I am not sure what happened to the head. Roger has a big smile on his face don't you think.


Captain Hal


Follow-up from Roger Sandstrom………..


I really enjoyed today's trip in spite of the winds.  Tonight, I intended to eat half the Tuna as Sushi and save balance for another meal.  But as it worked out, after two brandy manhattans, all the Tuna and half the Dolphin disappeared with Wasabi and Soy sauce. Fortunately, there is enough fish left for MAYBE a hot meal - we'll see!!!  


It was a fun day – the best fishing trip I've had since last May.  Please excuse me from the boat cleaning exercise if my contractor precludes my joining you.  





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