Volume 13, Issue 2

Page 6

What a great start we had for our new season with a great dinner and awards program, a fantastic gathering of members, and just a lot of fun.


We had a lot of new members and I apologize that some of you had a hard time hearing some of the presentation.† I stayed as load as I could and my throat was sore for the next two days for which there were several reasons.† One was that some members didnít know the presentation was going on, or didnít care.† Also the lack of a PA System caused some of the problem.† We are taking steps to correct that.† First, we will move the presentation half way down the room so the farthest member will only be half way across the room.† And second, a PA. System is in the works.


Some of the things that werenít heard were some of our tournament rules and how to report the fish you caught.† The rules are pretty simple.† Any fish listed in the tournament species list, caught without a charter boat or professional mate, must be called in to George Greenstein within 48 hours.† You should tell George the size by length, when caught, and what boat or other place caught (such as pond,, etc.).† The regions to fish are Florida, the Bahamas, and the Keys.† However any fish caught anywhere should be reported just for inclusion in our newsletter.† Also, photos are requested, but not required, to be included in our Anglersí Club news.


All of the Anglersí Club forms and info are on the Ballantrae web site at www.ballantraegyc.com. After you get there, go to Activities, and then Anglers Club.† If you canít find it there, please call any board member. You can also go to the Anglers' Club web site at www.ballantraeanglers.com and get any one of the last twelve Anglers' newsletters.


I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to taking you fishing sometime soon.


Thanks & Good Fishiní,


Captain Hal




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