Volume 13, Issue 2

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Text Box: Outside Fishing

The weather has not been great for outside fishing but on 11/15/11, Captain Jim Costello took Roger Mathews and myself out of the Stuart inlet for a rockin’& rollin’ fishing outing.  Upon entering the inlet and seeing the big waves, we decided to try it anyway. There were loads of birds diving on bait so Jim steered us nearby and we threw in. Spanish Mackerel, Jacks and large Bluefish were abundant and hit anything you could throw at them. We caught one fish after another until our arms ached.   I lost several spoons to some large toothy things that bit my heavy fluorocarbon leader in half like it was a toy! The ones that got away were BIG (Ya, sure…)! 


All of this activity, combined with the pretty high waves made for an adventurous time.  Captain Jim generously kept chasing the birds and did not even get to fish himself.  I hope we get to do this again..soon!


We sure do live in a great place… Pond fishing, River fishing, Ocean fishing and nice guys to do it with….


Ron Klowden

Text Box: Pond Fishing

I’ve been fishing the ponds as usual but, the fish are not cooperating. Same time, same lures, same retrieve. Yep, the occasional Bass, but no big ones. Snook are absent and I have not seen the elusive Tarpon surfacing.  I am going to try different techniques, different times, new baits and if I get some results, I’ll keep them secret so I can win the pond fishing tournament.. (just kidding).


Here is a photo of my last Tilapia catch. At least they are cooperating but very difficult to catch on lures.


Ron Klowden

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