Volume 12, Issue 1

Page 4

Text Box: Captainís Log

This month begins our new 2011-12 Anglersí Club season.† Our calendar of events is now set thanks to the hard work of our committees.† Take a look through our calendar and note when we are having a function of interest to you.† (Visit our web page or print out page 6)


We have worked hard to make our dates non-conflicting with other events happening throughout Ballantrae.†† If you know of someone planning an event, please remind them to check through our calendar so that Ballantrae residents can enjoy all of what happens in our great community.†


Our new year will kick off with our annual BBQ Ribs and Awards Membership Dinner/Party on November 7, 2011.† This dinner is for current members who have renewed their 2011-2012 membership by paying their dues prior to Nov. 1, 2011, AND who have also already signed up to attend the dinner and bring a dessert or appetizer as well.


That being said, I would like to welcome all members who are new to the Anglersí Club this year.† Your club has a lot of functions throughout the year that are posted on the Ballantrae web site.† You should take a look at them all.† Youíll find that there will be email notices sent out as reminders to sign up for more specific events.† Signing up is important.† The Committee in charge of each function needs to know how many people to expect and how to plan for it.† Planning might involve items like booking a place to go, arrangement of tables (especially if a guest speaker involved), informing the wait staff of the who/what/when of the group, setting reservations for hotels,† camp grounds, charter boats and so on and so on.†† So please, for your own benefit and that of the committees, if you plan to attend a function, sign up in a timely fashion.


On a lighter, if not somewhat depressing note (Ha!), there are a few of our members working hard at trying to land a swordfish and then to share the steaks with our members.† I count myself as one of those trying the hardest! This is not as easy as you might think.† At this point we have come from tangling line, to losing whole rigs, to making fun of each otherís mistakes. So far we have learned that it is a big ocean out there and these fish love to hide.† We have also learned to fish 1,800 feet down, and that takes time.


We have been able to land other fish on our trips such as Dolphin, Tile fish, and Tuna.† So hang in there and we will make it happen.† However, I heard the other day that some members want to set up a betting pool for if and when we ever will land a Swordfish.† If someone would like to do that, count me in.† Iím not sure which way Iíll go at this point.


Good Fishiní Yíall,

Captain Hal